Business Concept

The philosophy behind MOMENTUM TECHNOLOGIES’ service concept is as simple as it is powerful: to measure is to know.

No matter how well you think you are aware of the customer’s needs, you only really know whether you are providing customized services if you measure what the customer does and experiences. (On-line) surveys and weblogging are today’s measuring instruments: fast, accurate and efficient.

Measuring alone is often not enough. Combining and presenting the information in the right way so that it matches the user’s experience is decisive. Knowledge of the domain in which the user operates is indispensable.

We use the concept of measuring and knowing, among other things, to better align demand (consumer) and supply (product/service). By using the results of measurement to better serve demand with supply, the market process is accelerated, and MOMENTUM is generated for companies and consumers.

Measurement is knowledge, of course, not applies to adequate Internet service only. It also applies to the market for owner-occupied housing, the market for commercial real estate or the labor market, measuring means knowing. For example, hard, up-to-date figures on homes for sale, homes on the market and homes sold form the basis for the NVM market figures and a series of applications that help NVM members follow the development of the housing market. Momentum Technologies tries to design key figures, information and decision-support (web) applications in such a way that they connect directly to the information needs of the user.