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“Woon Amsterdam”

“Woon Amsterdam” annual report on the housing market since 2006

Woon Amsterdam” has been published every November since 2006. It offers an overall picture of the state and development of the Amsterdam housing market. The report is the result of cooperation between the Amsterdam Real Estate Association (MVA), the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Corporations and the City of Amsterdam. Since 2010, the report is also available online at the MVA site.

In 2017, in addition to the market figures for the City, figures became available for the entire Amsterdam Metropolitan Region. Furthermore, from that year, figures are available on the level and development of market values in the metropolitan municipalities, the City of Amsterdam and the city districts. Momentum Technologies, in close cooperation with the MVA, provides figures on the supply, sales and market values of homes for sale throughout the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.


For a better understanding of housing opportunities within the Metropolitan Area, an application was created in 2019 that allows every house seeker to determine, from one or more locations (workplace, school address, etc), an associated mode of transportation (bicycle, public transportation, car) and a maximum travel time, the area where the house might be located. The application then provides a picture of the market values for the parts of this area for a housing type of choice. The user can further narrow down the area by limiting the price range. For each area of interest, the user can zoom in and will then also see the houses for sale. Detailed information for each property is then avalaible.

Key figures 2019:Woon